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Corporate Treasure Hunts

A fun outdoor social event for your team in the heart of London!

Explore your city. Solve cryptic clues. Discover hidden secrets.

Locked City is an immersive SMS-Based treasure hunt style game through the streets of London.

Rated ★★★★★
"Devilishly tricky, enormously fun!"

Our clients include:

Your team's adventure awaits...

Journey through the streets of London solving a trail of cryptic clues and puzzles sent to your phone via text message.

Discover hidden secrets, fascinating history and mesmerising street art.

Work together as a team and race to compete to the top of our leaderboards!

Our hunts are fully outdoors and are a fun, safe and socially-distanced activity.

How it works

Step 1: Book your corporate package online or get in touch with one of our team.

Step 2: Create your teams now or on the day. You'll receive two welcome messages introducing the hunt.

Step 3: Get your team to the start location for your hunt.

Step 4: Send 'start' to begin your hunt.

Step 5: Follow the trail of cryptic clues and have a fantastic time!

  • Welcome to Locked City!

    Start Camden Unlocked outside Camden Town Underground Station, in front of the entrance to HSBC. Send 'start' to begin.
  • Start
  • Continue over bridge. R down ginger bearded monarch. Finding his 15th portrait, tell me what has a ring to it?
  • Telephone
  • Proceed down SH street. Cross cobbles to Chalcot*Chalcot. At no. 3, if 25,31,18,28,15,7   22,18,7,26,14 once lived here, what is the sum of her profession?
  • 67
  • Cross straight and continue past walled century. Seek red at agitated NO HOURS DUE. What was outgrown in VIII?

Exclusive Corporate Pricing

We excited to announce our special corporate pricing for groups of 30 players or more.
At £23 per team, this can equate to £4.60 per person.

We charge per team which allows for flexibility should your numbers change slightly!

Teams can be created via our online portal on the day of your hunt (or before!). We aim to make organising your Locked City event as simple and straightforward as possible.

Please contact us via email to arrange your corporate event.

Our Hunts

Covent Garden
The Curse of Covent Garden
£23  per team

A 2 hour experience around the heart of the West End.

Legend speaks of a curse haunting the inhabitants of Covent Garden and turning them to stone. Follow the cryptic trail and lift the curse before it is too late...

Clues sent via SMS
Up to 5 players per team
All players receive clues
Open all year round
Perfect Outdoor Activity
Pocket Watch
A Journey Through Time
£23  per team

A 2½ hour experience from Tower Hill to St Paul's Cathedral

Travel back through time and witness the moments that shaped London. Discover the historic gems hidden within the modern city.

Clues sent via SMS
Up to 5 players per team
All players receive clues
Open all year round
Perfect Outdoor Activity

Explore your city 🔎

Our hunts are designed to explore well known sights and hidden gems you never knew existed.

You’ll be sure to embark on a fantastic experience and discover fascinating history, eye-popping street art and hidden details in the city.

Couple Explore

Solve cryptic clues 📜

All clues are sent to your phone via text message. The answers you will need to find are hidden in your surroundings.

Each clue will challenge your team to explore your surroundings, uncover secret locations and work together to solve the puzzles.

Couple on Phone through Window

Discover hidden secrets 🗝️

Locked City is great for teams and colleagues looking for a new adventure! You'll need to work together to solve

Man on phone near canal

Race against the clock 👟

Compete for the best time to make it onto the leaderboards! But don't forget, answer incorrectly and face a penalty...

Group Yellow Street